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Desk Labs LLC's science kits may be used by teachers for classroom demonstrations, “hands-on” student labs, at-home learning, and/or science project experiments.


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Why use science kits?

Science kits engage students. They offer tactical interactive activities for students of all ages. Students are placed in situations that require them to apply critical thinking skills to a variety of real-world events.

Why choose our science kits?

Desk Labs LLC's science kits are all designed by an award winning science teacher who believes that established state and national benchmarks are an important framework for targeting major concepts at all levels.



















Pressure Principles Technology Kit

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Teacher's Guide: The Teacher’s Guide employs several different fluid pressure demonstrations, activities, graphic illustrations, transparency templates (for overhead and/or digital camera projection), evaluations, reference materials, chart-graph worksheets, and extension activities. Extension activities include scientific method, control variables, independent variables, dependent variables, and developing hypothesizes.

Lessons address pressure concepts in science: Why does a balloon expand as it rises? What helps a fish hover effortlessly at a particular depth? How does a pump work? How does a barometer predict weather? How can a hose siphon water? Why is household faucet water under such great pressure? Why are ships are more buoyant in the ocean than in fresh water? How are ballast tank pressure principles related to submarines, scuba divers, and fish? How is air pressure related to the function of our lungs and ear drum? How does a jack or dozer blade use hydraulic fluid pressure to function?

Kit includes: Submarine, ballast tank, air line with connectors, “T” cap, grommets, air pump syringe (2), and
Teacher's Guide. Not Included: small aquarium (i.e. 10 gallon) and 22 pennies. Submarine size:
5 1/8” L, 2 ˝” W, 3” H.

A few examples from Teacher’s Guide…

Respiratory system

Hydraulic Mechanics                                                                Buoyancy             





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