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Science Kit lessons and activities for Elementary School, Middle School, High School, and College Science students.

Desk Labs LLC's science kits may be used by teachers for classroom demonstrations, “hands-on” student labs, at-home learning, and/or science project experiments.


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Why use science kits?

Science kits engage students. They offer tactical interactive activities for students of all ages. Students are placed in situations that require them to apply critical thinking skills to a variety of real-world events.

Why choose our science kits?

Desk Labs LLC's science kits are all designed by an award winning science teacher who believes that established state and national benchmarks are an important framework for targeting major concepts at all levels.



















Sea Floor Simulator

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Teacher’s Guide: offers four lessons with interactive lessons, worksheets, reference material, and evaluations. Topics include: ocean currents, ocean floor, and ocean resources. This “hands-on” science kit, a sea floor model, has been designed to provide many interactive lessons and activities that involve the following: sea floor currents, sea floor vocabulary, continental shelf, continental slope, continental rise, abyssal plain, transform fault, seamount, ocean crust, mid-ocean ridge, seamount, mid-ocean ridge, guyot, rift valley, island arc, trench, submarine canyon, turbidity current, upwelling, salinity current, convection current, hydrothermal vent, volcanic eruption, sea floor resources.

Sea Floor Simulation Kit: Sea Floor model (size: 19”L x 9W, 6“H), air bubble lines with connectors, suction cups, profile-vocabulary decals, and Teacher's Guide with four interactive classroom lesson activities. Not included: ten (10) gallon aquarium tank, optional aquarium air pump, and food coloring dye.

Example from Teacher’s Guide…


Students complete their activity sheet while observing turbidity, density, and convection currents.







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