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Desk Labs LLC's science kits may be used by teachers for classroom demonstrations, “hands-on” student labs, at-home learning, and/or science project experiments.


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Why use science kits?

Science kits engage students. They offer tactical interactive activities for students of all ages. Students are placed in situations that require them to apply critical thinking skills to a variety of real-world events.

Why choose our science kits?

Desk Labs LLC's science kits are all designed by an award winning science teacher who believes that established state and national benchmarks are an important framework for targeting major concepts at all levels.



















Groundwater Table

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Teacher Guide: Includes five interactive lessons, evaluations, projection templates, and reference materials. Activities relate to: Artesian spring, Artesian well, contaminated well, uncapped well, septic tank, lagoon system, impermeable rock layer, permeable rock layer, recharge zone, wetland, contaminated aquifer, contaminated ground water, water table, landfill, industrial pollution, industrial contamination, underground pollution, underground contamination, continental divide, and drainage basin, sinkholes, caverns, geysers, hot spring, fumaroles, Karst formations, stalactites, stalagmites, leachate, storage tanks, hydrosphere, atmosphere, ecosystems, landforms, reservoirs, water cycle, etc. Discussions about groundwater could involve the pros and cons of fracking.

Groundwater Table Kit: This one piece molded unit is ready to operate within minutes. The durable plastic simulator is lightweight, easy to use (add dye), simple to clean (empty water), and convenient to store (16” x 16” x 2”). Kit is self-contained, uses water pump (120 v, AC), tubing, eyedropper. Minor assembly. Not included: projection system, food coloring dye

Examples from Teacher’s Guide…


This two minute video clip simulates water movement in aquifers.




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